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Ki-Yo New Music Video!! “If You Wanna Make It”

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New Album “Reborn” NOW Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google play!

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“Reborn” means “born or as if born again, especially in having undergone spiritual regeneration”.

When I first thought to write something about this album, I figured I’d have to start with why I left Japan and came to America.

Several years ago, I started to feel I was reaching my limit working in music in Japan. “I used to like music so much. Why am I in such pain now when I perform?” I thought. “The music I’m working on doesn’t excite me. It shouldn’t be this way. I don’t want to sing songs like these.”

As those sorts of emotions intensified, I gradually distanced myself from the types of music I had worked on and started playing only classical music on piano. I didn’t have a sliver of an intention of becoming a pro classical musician, but when I lost myself in playing, it was like I could forget how I was then. It was a kind of escape from reality.

What did I want to do? Did I even want to continue with music in the first place, or did I want to quit?

At any rate, I knew that things would definitely be no good for me if they stayed as they were.

That’s when a thought flashed through my mind: “Go to New York.”

The first time I’d gone to New York, I was nineteen. It was the second time I’d been in America, with my first trip having been to LA. I was in New York then for my fifth single’s jacket shooting. Since that time, I felt it faintly, the feeling that I’d live there someday.

The air felt right to me.

It was the first place I’d felt anything like that.

Then, two years later, I went again, this time alone.

There were no staff members with me. I could move as I wanted and I honestly got into dangerous situations that I can’t even write here. Yet I thought, “Send it all my way. I’ll accept any and every experience.”

And so I encountered music, the music I’d admired since I was little. My heart danced wildly. “I want to listen to this every day and sing it,” I thought. Those feelings have always stayed in my heart and never waned.

When I visited New York in 2009, it was my fourth time there. I thought, “I want to live true to my heart.”

I left the company that I’d worked with in Japan and decided to challenge myself to starting from scratch. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Back then, I wrote something like this in my diary: “I don’t want to regret not having done something. Not now or ever.

“So, I won’t be able to see you all in Japan for a while.

“We’re human, so we go our separate ways and forget each other.

“But, that just means we have to meet again and again.

“I can believe that now.

“I won’t be able to see the future if I don’t look ahead.

“There still are so many things I want to know and experience.

“I want to sing the music I’ve listened to with admiration since I was little. I want to experience more of the world. I want the people of the world to hear my music too.”

Holding onto these sorts of thoughts, I completed my final album, one packed with everything I’d felt in Japan. In January 2010, I went to New York.
Then, I think my life changed with amazing force. I studied English like a madman. I proactively sought all sorts of new encounters while singing gospel every week. There were many times I felt frustrated or embarrassed, but that multiplied my sense of fulfillment when I accomplished what I was striving for. When my hometown got destroyed in the disaster, I wanted to go back to Japan in a way far different than I’d ever felt. I became cognizant of a strong sort of raison d’être.
I regained the feeling that I was alive. My passion for music had begun to dry up, but I felt it starting to blossom again.

“I can create my music here, now.”

It felt like everything I’d experienced had welled up beyond the brim of my heart and overflowed.

My overflowing feelings would then become words, the wavering of my emotions, melodies.

It took a year and a half to complete Reborn.

The title, I’d chosen first. “It had to be that,” I’d thought.

The process of being reborn and regenerating is truly reflected in this album.

I produced each and every sound on this album. Rather than mere sounds, it feels like parts of me are resonating.

I would like you to give the album a listen.


KI-YO – Spend My Life With You [Official Music Video] 


Finally… it’s out!

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“Spend My life With You”           Written by KI-YO

In the morning light, your side is cold
Silence resonates against the walls
I’m trying to reach the warmth of your touch
But I fall

Flashbacks to the sweetest memories
That are scattered in me forever
How can I put them back together

Since we said goodbye
Wherever I go
I can’t help looking back
‘Cause now I know

*I know the sun still climbs without you
The stars still shine without you
The seasons pass without you
But I wanna live it with you
I know I still can laugh without you
I’m still in pain without you
Time goes by without you
But I wanna spend it with you

When you and I were side by side
I believed that we were of one heart
But the rush of our lives tore us apart

More days and more years pass me by
I reminisce on when we were smiling
In my mind those days are shining

Since we said goodbye
Wherever I go
I notice there is no one else like you
Yes I know


Spend my life, spend my life
Spend my life, spend my life with you
Spend my life, spend my life with you

The sun still climbs without you
The stars still shine without you
The seasons pass without you
But never let you go, never let you go…
I need you, I need you
I need you in my life


“Need Somebody Tonight”

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Dear All My Loves

Dear All My Loves

New Single “Spend My Life With You”

Coming out on July 1st!!

New Single #1

1st international single “#1”  
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